Tuesday's Promo # 1

Over Half Price Off Again
- SAVE $60-

Eric Schroeder - Winning Day # 45 of 70 (and 30 of 44)

$10 bettors are up $20,080 the past 69 Days

2nd Biggest Release of the Entire Season
Goes Again

100 DIME
College Basketball 
Winner # 13 of 18

NIT Quarterfinal Lock

Penn State at Marquette - Goes at 7:00 Eastern

Twice as strong as last nights' 50 Dime NIT Total of the Year
on Stanford-Oklahoma State Under by 19 Points that you got for $7.77

MATCHES last Wednesday's 100 Dime NIT
Game of the Year on Stanford over BYU

MATCHES last Monday's 100 Dime College Insider Tournament
Game of the Year on San Diego over Hartford 

MATCHES two Saturday's ago 100 Dime ACC Tournament
Game of the Year on Virginia over North Carolina

MATCHES two Thursday's ago 100 Dime Atlantic-10 Conference
Game of the Year on Richmond over Duquesne

MATCHES three Wednesday's ago 100 Dime Northeast Conference
Game of the Year on Wagner over Central Connecticut

MATCHES three Tuesday's ago 100 Dime Patriot League
Game of the Year on Lafayette over American

MATCHES three Monday's ago 100 Dime Colonial Conference
Game of the Year on James Madison (+4) outright over Elon

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Tuesday's Promo # 2

Save $27 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play of Package

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Tuesday's Promo # 3

Over Half Price Off
- SAVE $60-

Jack Brayman - Winning Day # 12 of 16

$10 bettors have made $10,050 the past 15 days

NIT Total of the Year

Penn State-Marquette Over/Under

$10 bettors have won $17,845 in college hoops
since Jack joined the site on January 28, 2017

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Tuesday's Promo # 4


Dom Chambers

NHL Winner # 25 of 40

40 Dime Winner # 16 of 27

Atlantic Division Game of the Month

Florida - Ottawa

$10 bettors have won $10,330 the past two seasons

Use Coupon Code: Dom

Tuesday's Promo # 5

NIT Lock
- SAVE $55 -

Trace Adams - Winning Day # 26 of 39 (and 11 of 13)


Double Your Wager
Winner # 15 of 19
(and 9th in a Row)

Quarterfinal NIT Game of the Year

Miss State at Louisville - Starts at 9:00 Eastern

MATCHES his 2000* on Utah over LSU on Monday

MATCHES his 2000* on UMBC against Kansas State on Sunday

MATCHES his 2000* on Kentucky over Buffalo on Saturday

MATCHES his 2000* on Syracuse over Arizona State on Wednesday

MATCHES his 2000* on Kentucky over Tennessee two Sundays ago

MATCHES his 2000* on Davidson over St. Bonny two Saturdays ago

MATCHES his 2000* on Kentucky over Georgia two Fridays ago 

MATCHES his 2000* on UCF over East Carolina two Thursdays ago

Use Coupon Code: Trace

Important Note

If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site,
please contact Customer Service and they'll let you know where to find them.

$1 bettors up
More than 55 Grand the last 479 Days

800♦ Western Conference
Game of the Year

Houston - Portland

Stronger than Saturday's 600♦ Outright Winner on Loyola-Chicago

Stronger than Sunday's 600♦ Underdog Cover with UMBC

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

$1 Bettors have made $11,930
with my NBA action the past two seasons

$1 bettors have made $161,880 with
my plays rated 1,000♦ or higher since 2006

after losing with my Top-Rated 1000♦ NIT Game of the Year
on USC against Western Kentucky

Winning Day # 245 of 464

NBA Blowout of the Month

Hasn't Started Yet

Matches my 50 Dime NBA Game of the Month
on San Antonio over Golden State last night

Matches my 50 Dime Big Dance Winner
on Michigan over Montana last Thursday

462-404 Best Bet Roll in all sports

Top-Rated 15 Dime NBA Release

Oklahoma City at Boston

15 Dime NBA Best Bets are
109-82-3 since the 2009 Season

Matches last night's NBA 15 Dimer on
Philadelphia over Charlotte

Matches last Monday's NBA 15 Dimer on
Houston over San Antonio

Matches Saturday's college 15 Dimer on
Gonzaga over Ohio State

Winning Day # 34 of 59



771-723-32 roll with comp plays the past 873 days

following Monday's winner on San Antonio.

Today's play on Minnesota-LA Clippers

- plus my thoughts on Houston-Portland -

50 Dime
Western Conference
Playoff Implication Lock

Loser - Minnesota

My $10 bettors have made $6,155
with my NHL plays this season

My $10 bettors have made $14,930
with plays rated 50 Dimes or higher

NHL Winner # 25 of 40

Winner # 16 of 27

Atlantic Division Game of the Month


$10 bettors have won $10,330 the past two seasons

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30 Days $999

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Mathew Parker, Sean Michaels

Matt Rivers,

Dom Chambers (NHL) and Gabe DuPont (NHL) 

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