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Release of the Season

Marquette (-7) over Butler 79-69

Another Half Price Winner

24-17 with College Hoops with 15 Dimers This Season
- this play was bigger

144-109-3 with Top-Rated 15 Dimers in the NBA since 2009
- this play was bigger

134-98-9 with 15 Dimers in the NFL the past eight seasons following
my Super Bowl Winner on the Patriots
- this play was bigger

Winning Day # 127 of 221



953-920-39 roll with comp plays the past 1116 days

Winning Day # 16 of 25


$10 bettors up $3,355 the past 24 days

100 DIME
Winner # 8 of 10

AAC Game of the Year - Part 2


MATCHES Tuesday's 100 Dime Winner on
Rutgers (+16) there all the way at Michigan State

MATCHES Monday's 100 Dime Winner on
Illinois covering at Wisconsin  that you got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES Sunday's 100 Dime Winner on
Wichita State (+12) covering at Cincinnati

MATCHES last Wednesday's 100 Dime Winner on
Rutgers over Northwestern that you got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES three Saturday's 100 Dime Winner on
Florida State over Louisville that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES three Friday's ago 100 Dime Winner on
Sacramento over Miami that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES three Thursday's ago 100 Dime Winner on
Cincinnati over Memphis that you also got for Over Half Price Off


Winningest College Hoops Handicapper at this site the past 2+ seasons

$1 bettors up $28,620 in College Basketball since 2016

$1 bettors up More than 47 GRAND the past 27 months

TOTAL WINNER # 16 OF 23 - Of Course!

Pac 12
Total of the Year

on Under by 33 points

And you got it for just $9.95

MATCHES my 600♦ Super Bowl Total
on the Rams-Patriots Under by 40 points

$10 bettors have made $17,617 the last 340 Days

40 Dime
College Basketball
Winner # 26 of 39

Washington easy over Utah

Matching my 40 Dime Winners this week
Eastern Washington by 25 over Idaho on Monday
Boston College (+2) by 7 outright over Miami on Sunday

$10 bettors have cleared $4,570 the past 63 days

5th Ever
100 DIME
College Basketball Release of my Career

Loser - Nevada (-8) falls outright at San Diego State AGAIN

Winner # 28 of 48 Overall Fails

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